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Хейнен Хопман Рус

Адрес Нидерланды, Bunschoten, Produktieweg 12
Телефон 310 332 992 500
Сайт https://heinenhopman.com/   
In order to supply the maritime and offshore industry in Russia even better with its HVAC and refrigeration systems, Heinen & Hopman Russia opened a dedicated office in Saint Peterburg in 2017. In close cooperation with the headoffice in The Netherlands and its office in Kaliningrad, the company provides the following services: Engineering / design for HVAC Developing working documentation Custom-made AC units, chillers, provision cooling plants, heat exchangers, fans, etc. Comprehensive delivery of AC systems and mechanical ventilation systems, including all the necessary armatures, etc. Spare parts supply Installation, commissioning, supervision After-sales maintenance Training courses for operating personnel.