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D-i davit international-hische GmbHD-i davit international-hische GmbH

Адрес Германия, , Сулинген, Sandstrasse 20
Germany, , Sulingen , Sandstrasse 20
Сайт www.di-hische.de   
The life-saving equipment and store cranes The life-saving equipment specialist d-i davit international gmbh is one of the major designers and manufacturers of davit systems and cranes worldwide. d-i davit international is supplier of life-saving equipment, lifting appliances and complete life-saving packages for the civil, commercial, military and special shipbuilding. The company is located in Sulingen in North-West Germany and is assisted by an international network of agencies and service centers. Main products are Life-saving equipment - conventional davits for life/tender and life/rescue boats - rescue, fast rescue and workboat davits -

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