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BALTIC Taucherei- und Bergungsbetrieb Rostock GmbH c/o Baltic Diver Germany

АдресНе указан
Телефон+ 49 381 66 09 66 00
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Сайт baltic-taucher.com/   
Offshore project planning, consulting and –management, hydraulic- and steel construction, structure expertise, maintenance and rehabilitation concept, construction supervision, soil investigation and dredging concepts, hydrography environmental assessment, provision of offshore supply vessels, barges, CTVs, guard vessels etc.
All inshore and offshore diving operations according to IMCA, air-supplied diving up to 50 m water depth, ROV and diving service for identification and clearance of UXO, boulder removal, installation and maintenance of offshore structures and anchor systems (SPM), cable route and pipe detection, wreck removal; professional diver training since 1995.
Construction supervision, site representatives, salvage and ballast engineers, transport and installation specialists, commercial divers, rope access technicians, tow masters, vessel crew, ROV pilots, service technicians.
Monitoring, environmental assessment, structure surveys, survey and tracking, pipe and cable survey, as-laid survey, hindrance survey, diver support, cleaning and measurements, pilot training.

Company Address

Street Address Line 1: Alter Hafen Süd 3
City: Rostock
Postal / Zip Code: 18069
Country: Germany

При поддержке:

  • Министерства промышленности и торговли
  • Министерство транспорта РФ
  • МИД РФ
  • Правительство Санкт-Петербурга

Генеральные партнеры:

  • Корабел РУ
  • Информационное Агентство Порт Ньюс