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OEM & EQUI. parts Wartsila/ Mak/ Himsen/ MAN

The answer is that your Wärtsilä engine performs best and is most reliable with high-quality (OEM) parts from 4TaKT Engineering & Diesel Components. Shipping companies, ship managers, repair and overhaul companies and various other regular customers can attest each time they order to the fact 4TaKT BV only provides quality and is a highly reliable partner. What is more, 4TaKT BV does this while keeping the cost price in mind, so that you can achieve the maximum return on your investment.

4TaKT BV specialises in the engine models L20, L26, Vasa32, L32, L38 and L46 of the Finnish brand Wärtsilä. We have gained over 20 years’ experience in the supply, replacement, repair and overhauling of all main running parts of these diesel engines. To complete our comprehensive range, 4TaKT BV offers many important items relating to pumps, thermostats, pipework, starting systems and coolers. Our specialist expertise, the extensive range and our transparent approach ensure that you get the best product for your Wärtsilä engine at the very best price.

FIRTFT with the team at 4TaKT BVFIX IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME. If you have a question about your Wärtsilä diesel engine, or you need assistance with carrying out a repair or overhaul project, we would be pleased to take the time to discuss your specific situation with you. 4TaKT BV provides technical support that can offer you a wealth of benefits. It goes without saying that we are fully up to date with all modifications to Wärtsilä engines. Thanks to the experience of our specialists, we are also able to provide sustainable solutions to avoid unnecessary costs. We maintain an accurate database of all modifications and engine-related parts, listed by serial number, in our specially developed software programme. We assure that we always supply the correct part according to required specifications. You can count on us, and our supervisors, if required, even in the cases involving very extensive overhauls in other countries.

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Daalderweg 6
4879 AX Etten-Leur
The Netherlands

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Albert Denuens
tel.: +06 4267 7263

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